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Beauty Rejuvenation 

Acupuncture beauty

The beauty carried out by Surya Healthcare  Center is different from ordinary beauty methods. It is based on the theory of TCM meridians, meridians and collaterals, and uses facial muscle pushing, moxibustion, scraping, acupuncture and other methods to activate blood and qi, remove blood stasis and regenerate new ones.

The layers reach the facial meridians, so that the sagging muscles can be lifted, and the skin metabolism can be improved. Brightens the skin and fades dark spots. Combined with the conditioning of visceral diseases, we can treat both the symptoms and the symptoms. 

There is a famous saying in the beauty industry: if you want to have a 20-year-old skin, you must take care of it from the age of 20, and if you want to have a 30-year-old skin, you must hurry up and take care of it at the age of 30! I believe that if you insist on maintenance, you will be 10 years younger than your peers, even if you are not 10 years old, you will be 5 years younger, and even if you are not 5 years old, you will at least be much younger and more beautiful! 

Acupuncture beauty directly acts on the dermis layer of the skin, stimulates collagen, enhances its metabolism, secretion and proliferation, and at the same time adjusts the secretion of sebaceous glands, increases the skin's water-locking function, tightens the skin, promotes cell repair, and smoothes fine lines, especially around the corners of the eyes. wrinkle. Therefore, he is good at solving all kinds of facial damage problems. The doctor inserts a cosmetic needle into the delicate skin, and uses the sterile needle to become a specific pressure point to test the local reaction of the skin. Acupuncture beauty is to stimulate certain acupoints with acupuncture, and use the methods of welcoming, following, replenishing, and reducing to stimulate the meridian qi, so that the metabolism of the human body is vigorous, and the blood circulation of the face is accelerated, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty.

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